Services for start-ups in Estonia

Opportunity to obtain a long-term visa or residence permit in Estonia for startups

Estonia has a visa program for startup founders. This visa is for those who are not a member of the European Union, but who want to join the vibrant start-up community in Europe. A startup in this case is defined as a business with the aim of launching and further developing an innovative business model with the potential for global growth, which contributes to the development of the business environment in the country.

Fast procedure for submitting and processing applications

Low level of requirements for the applicant

Access to a large startup community

Dynamic business environment

Who can get a start-up visa?

With the approval of the startup committee, you can apply for a startup visa (both long-term and short-term) or a temporary residence permit (up to 5 years)

Criteria for applying for a start-up visa:

Technological, innovative and scalable business.

A business that can be classified as a startup

Minimum 160 euros for monthly expenses


The state fee for applying for a visa will be 80 euros. The state fee for applying for a residence permit will be 160 euros when applying in Estonia or 180 euros when applying at the Estonian embassy


Free guide

Order an e-Resident card and get a free online self-registration guide


Free consultation

Get a free consultation on registering a company in Estonia and assistance in filling out an application online

Startup Visa for employees

You can apply for a visa for all members of your startup team!

Take your family with you

If you get a start-up visa, you can also get a visa for your family

How to get a start-up visa?

Register a company in Estonia

Fill out an application to apply to the startup committee

The startup committee will make a decision in 10 working days

Apply for a start-up visa

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